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Seating Solution for the new Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Stadium

As a worldwide sports venues supplier of stands and seats YIHE Hardware Products Co. Ltd. successfully delivered the seating solutions for the main stadium of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, as well as for the Japan National Stadium and the shooting and rowing venue for the Tokyo Olympics. YIHE focuses on delivering a comfortable and safe sports event experience by offering stable and reliable modular stands solutions for global sports event venues.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

YIHE’s hardware manufacturing mainly involves production of large-size steel structure stands, modular seating, chassis & base, safety seat accessories, and auto-parts (stamping parts, mechanical parts) etc. The production process guarantees sufficient strength, rigidity and anti-vibration which is essential because the seat can be universally applied to any scaffold-based temporary structure or stand and become a comfortable permanent seat.

Stadium seating parts​

​Parts details & dimensions

To find a solution that ensures parts quality and flexibility of production, YIHE invested in a P6018D laser tube cutting machine and G3015F fiber laser cutting machine to be able to respond to small batch tasks of different shapes of tube cutting and parts processing. Thanks to the solution, YIHE increased competitiveness for customised orders and create an intelligent production chain with its own characteristics.

G3015F fiber laser cutting machine at YIHE hardware co.,ltd.

P6018D laser tube cutting machine at YIHE hardware co.,ltd.

After introducing the Han's Laser P6018D fiber laser tube cutting machine and the G3015F fiber laser cutting machine, the production chain from processing to forming of plates and tubes has been greatly improved.

“We have mass-produced a product that needed 12 process steps to complete in the past, now only 9 process steps are required after using the Han’s Laser tube cutting machine. The product quality has increased by 30%, delivery time has been shortened by 60%.” said by YIHE’s Senior Production Manager.

Seating metal structure

About YIHE YIHE Hardware Products Co. Ltd is a hardware and construction-oriented company founded in 2003. YIHE accumulated over 10 years of manufacturing experiences and production techniques of hardware accessories by serving a wide of national and international projects, including furniture accessories, metal hardware and seat manufacturing.

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