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Simpson Technology boast a large amount of experience in the manufacturing process, with extensive knowledge of various pieces of machinery and how their application can benefit you both short-term and in the long run.
First of all, we take a look at your requirements on-site to determine the ideal solution for you. Then, we focus on eliminating secondary and subsequent operations to take cost out. Finally, we propose the perfect solution.
For us, this is part of the joy of working with our customers to see how we can help them to be more efficient. For Simpson Technology, it is not just about selling a machine tool but more important that we can assist and advise on the correct machine tool that best suits the needs of your business.



Through our consultancy, we can see how we can optimise productivity, by using smart methods of reducing cost from a process and then putting this into practise on the particular machine.
Simpson Technology possesses specially handpicked machines from approved partners that are the most reliable in the market to ensure high uptime. For us high quality, high accuracy and high productivity are crucial. To make the process much more streamlined and profitable the machines we offer complete the whole process from start to finish and can incorporate various functions to avoid moving material to other workstations.

Alternatively, simply combine your machine with automation to compete not just in the UK market but the European and global market.

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When we start on a project, we believe that the relationship becomes the foundation for open communication and trust is built on this foundation where we can work easily together for the best solutions.

Being able to deal with the same person has lots of benefits: we understand your business, we can quickly act on new technology that enters the market that may suit your application or help to move your business into new markets.

We firmly believe in focussing on our customers and that they buy in good faith, and we respect that. In return, we want to be sure of giving our full attention.
We are very much people people and base our business on being approachable.



After sales service is an important part of any organisation however we pride ourselves in helping customers by going the extra mile. Our one stop shop philosophy guarantees

  • machine technical service carried out by experienced engineers

  • technical support for challenging applications

  • service contracts for peace of mind and cost control

  • consumables and spare parts available for next day delivery

It is reliability from the very start which is the most decisive criteria for us when we hand pick machines. That means we actually plan for uptime when supplying a new machine instead of breakdowns!

Covering all aspects from not just the machine purchase and after sales service we also offer flexible finance for equipment to suit the needs of the customer together with our finance partner.

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